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Student Feedback

"FAEA retaining the Indian standards and moral values by“Casting the dreams,Welding the ideas,Shaping the chances,Forging the efforts,FAEA is going to build an immortal nation with their team,The men,The machine,The members of FAEA,The team FAEA is the gear of progress." - V N Raju.

"The financial aid from an organization that leads a hopeless student to conquer his/her unbelievable dreams comes true, it is nonetheless FAEA" -Anumala Anil

"Education means brightness, without it one is in darkness. Thank you ! FAEA for making my life brighter." - Ahir Prakash kumar

"FAEA scholarship is a boon. The support given is wonderful. I am very glad to get this scholarship." - Ravi Chandra Vikas

"Being a son of daily worker and from a small village it was a nightmare for me to complete my education. But today it is a dream come true for me to be here at IIT, Bombay just because of generous support of FAEA" - Jitendra Franciss Sadangi

I got a glimpse of beautiful day....but there was nothing with me to pay..there came a guiding star....which made me todays "AVATAR"... “It was FAEA who gave me a chance to pursue my study vigorously, as I hail from entirely rural background, there was no hope to pursue higher education. But then FAEA came like god to help & guide me in every way possible to make me independent. Today where I am, I am only due to FAEA." - Kanhaiya Lal Saket

"FAEA has been helping poor and deprived bright student to build their future and prepare them to stand before the big challenges in academic life. I am very fortunate to be a FAEA scholar. Hope this foundation will continue its outstanding service in future also to help the needy student." - Vinod Kumar Ahirwar

"I was unable to pay my institute fee when I cracked AIEEE and got selected in NIT Allahabad, for Bachelor of Technology program. I was about to withdraw from the college because of the non-availability of funds, then FAEA supported me financially providing timely scholarship covering all my yearly expenses throughout four years of my course. Presently I am working and supporting my family. Credit goes to FAEA.FAEA helped me to shape my future in true sense." - Vijay Kumar Soni

"FAEA scholarship has ultimately reduced my economic burden and motivated me to further my interests in higher education which was beyond my reach. To me, this scholarship was a source of inspiration, confidence and empowerment. Thanks to FAEA for making my dream education a reality. I am proud that I am a Fair and Accurate Education Achiever." - Murugan S.

"FAEA is helped realise my potential in studies and to achieve my goal (Gold medal in my M.Com studies) without any financial burden." Karthik"Many saw only at the brighter side of us when we got selected for IIT but very few like FAEA saw darker sides of us and helped financially for our better stay in these renowned institutions . I am really happy to get this scholarship and thank FAEA for helping us." - Saida Naik Bhukya

"My life time ambition is to become a neuro-surgeon. I wouldn’t have dreamt about it without the support of FAEA-TATA Scholarship. It is not only helping me financially but is also giving me the psychological support so that I can concentrate on my studies properly. So I request FAEA to help more and more poor students like me." - Nandish. H.R

Because of financial problem I was unable to join Engineering course but with the support of FAEA I am able to do my MCA now. The Workshops organized by FAEA for personality development was useful. The Workshop helped us develop leadership qualities. - Parashuram Pawar

For me FAEA is GOD. My father is a poor farmer. I always feared my studies would be stopped because no one was there to help me. After receiving the Scholarship, I am inspired to achieve my goal. - Ajit Shivaji Bhandare


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