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College Information

Aims and objectives

  • Pathways Programme aims to create an institutional framework in which the concerns for the disadvantaged are addressed. It supports institutions and fosters commitment in them for education of the marginalised groups by providing financial aid for infrastructure development.
  • There is need to introduce pilot programs, which will improve language learning and library facilities and arrange for tutorials so that these students are better equipped to compete with others, particularly their middle class peers. The magnitude of this problem is staggering but we at FAEA believe that, pilot programs in a dozen or more select institutions will enable us to empower a large number of students in a minimum time span to become potential leaders in society.
  • To accomplish the twin goals of providing quality education and enhancing the access of disadvantaged groups to these institutions of higher education we propose to initiate a pilot project which would upgrade teaching and mentoring facilities in a number of select colleges and also provide bursaries to individual students in order to free them from burden of earning their livelihoods so that they can complete their studies.
  • Through interventions at two levels not only students selected under the Pathways scheme will benefit, but also the institutions themselves would be assisted to develop into centres of excellence in teaching.
      • The institution/college should be located in India.
      • Overall reputation of the institution based on proven academic excellence and teaching capabilities.
      • Regional/geographical spread and span.
      • Physical infrastructure including the equipment in science, computer and language laboratories.
      • Library facilities and access through Internet linkages.
      • Quality of the faculty members.
      • Leadership quality of the institution's management team.
      The application process
      • The Selection process is closed at the moment but the process is that the application form has to be filled in by the Institute/College and submitted to FAEA.
      • Selected institutes will then be contacted by FAEA for collecting further information and assessment.
      • A selection committee comprising of scholars and practitioners from academia, NGOs and other discipline will shortlist the institutes/colleges.
      • Thereafter a national panel will make the final selection and results declared.
      General guidelines and grant benefits
      • The Foundation provides logistical and financial aid to the colleges to be used for the benefit of the disadvantaged groups.
      • The Foundation shall gives scholarships to students. In case, anyone is admitted to your institution, the Foundation shall pay tuition fees and other allowances such as maintenance or hostel/mess charges, clothing, travel, books etc.
      • The conditions for the utilisation of grant shall be negotiated on a case-to-case basis depending on the specific needs of the institution and as long as it is consistent to the objective of FAEA. The benchmark would be specific to each institution.
      • The grant amount will be determined by FAEA to ensure compliance with budgetary guidelines. Final amounts will be based entirely on the discretion of the Program and may cover the full or partial cost of the proposed need of the institution.
      • The selection process is closed at the moment.
      • All decisions of the regional and national selection committee will be final and will not be open to review. Any effort to influence the decision will lead to disqualification.

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