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About FAEA

The Foundation is committed to the idea of education devoted to founding of a just, productive and cultured society. It emphasizes on the equality of opportunity to help students what they want to become so that they have a choice and are not dictated by necessity. Is it committed to enable economically disadvantaged groups access to be able to study in those institutions, which give access to academic excellence, structures of power and economic opportunity. It is also committed to support all activities and institutions which provide student better experience of excellence in all fields.

Aims and objectives
The aims and objectives for which the society is established are to undertake wide range of activities for the advantage of equity and excellence in higher education. To accomplish this objective, the society would undertake the following activities:

  • Institute fellowship and scholarships with the particular reference to disadvantage and marginalized groups such as dalits and advasis.
  • Organize coaching programs for socially disadvantaged groups, particularly dalits and advasis to enable them to have access to structures of power and quality education.
  • Promote innovation in higher education.
  • Develop liaison, collaboration and partnerships with various organizations and institution in India and abroad to promote the objective of society.
  • Receive grants, donations emoluments and financial assistance from the Government of India, State governments, Charitable Trusts/Foundation and agencies, national and International. In the case of International agencies, however, such grants shall be subject to the approval of the Government of India.
  • Give grant - in aid to institutions and individuals to promote the objective of the society.
  • Raise funds, in India and abroad, for capacity building for higher education in India.
  • To organize group discussions, seminars, workshop, conference etc, which promote aims and objectives of the society.
  • To establish, develop and maintain study and research centers to promote the aims and objective of the society.
  • To confer honorary awards.
  • To develop and maintain working relationship, academic or otherwise, with other institutions having kindred objective, either wholly or partially, by way of payment or receipt of subscription, enrolment as a member thereof, fiscal or other sorts of mutual assistance, amalgamation, merger, collaboration, co-operation and in any other way as the society may deem fit and properly.

The Foundation expects to work in the following areas: Access and Equity

Higher Education today should emphasis on equality of opportunity to help students become what they want to become so that they have a choice and are not dictated by necessity. It must provide the disadvantaged and marginalized access to be able to study in those institutions, which give access to academic excellence, structures of power and economic opportunity.

There is an immediate need to ensure that the talented are not denied the benefits of higher education for want of funds. To achieve this goal an effort will be made to work with government and other agencies to make educational institutions more responsive to the needs of these groups.

Quality and Productivity
Need for Quality Education - While the frontiers of the system have expanded to incorporate newer elements, it has been in most cases accompanied by dilution in quality of education, especially of the middle and the lower levels. In India expansion has generally meant declining quality education.

Need for revamping- Under-Graduate Education - The proposed society will sponsor pilot programs for universities that show innovation in teaching methods, moving to credit systems, giving students more choices, allowing them to choose courses from different departments etc.

Higher Education and Knowledge Economic at Global level - The merger of theoretical and practical knowledge is the bedrock of economic development. In Indian higher education, the link between knowledge and productivity has to be strengthened. The Foundation may provide training opportunities in different fields.

Forging International Linkages - It will also help foster institutional linkages and cross fertilization of ideas.

Need for Information on International Opportunities - There is a great lack of information about international opportunities. One of the activities of the Foundation will be to provide value added service.

Capacity Building
Mobilization of resources - Most universities and institutes of higher learning are today confronted with the issue of resources. One of the objective of the Foundation will be to mobilize funds for higher education in India and abroad with special reference tod.

Meetings, seminars & Conferences

Scholarships, Fellowships & training programs


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